bristol-scrapstore-visitWe were really pleased to have some visitors yesterday from Bristol Scrapstore. They came with a van full of scrap to swap with us, so we will have some exciting new things in our store for you from tomorrow onward, as long as stocks last! In return, they went away with some of our scrap to take back to their own store.

There are scrap stores across the country, although some areas are served better than others. Each store collects scrap from businesses in their local area, so the scrap we collect regularly can vary quite a bit from one store to the next. For that reason we often arrange swaps like yesterday’s so that we can share resources around a bit more evenly, and give all our members a wider variety of materials to choose from.

Sometimes scrap-swaps are one-to-one like yesterday’s, and sometimes we meet up with several other stores, unload our vans and have a free-for-all to grab scrap to bring back home! Swaps are also a great opportunity to share news and ideas with the people that run scrap stores in other areas of the country.

If you think that sounds like fun – well, you’re right! If you would like to join in, why not volunteer with us? Or, if you would like to see what Bristol brought for us, visit us tomorrow or next week – don’t forget your membership card. If you’re not yet a member, no worries – you can still come and look around and can join in store or right here on the website.