When you join Southampton Scrapstore, you must agree to the conditions of membership. You will receive a membership card/s which you will need to present every time you use the store.

You can join in-store, using our online form, or by downloading a membership form and sending or bringing it in to us. We accept cash, credit/debit card, and BACS bank transfer, or we can send your group an invoice if that’s preferred. So don’t delay, join today!

We have a range of membership options to suit every need:

Types of Membership

“buy the bag”
Students, artists, individuals, parents
Please note: children under age 8 are not allowed in the Scrapstore
1 nominated user
1 visit per week
£1 per bag of scrap
£17.50 – 1st year
£15.00 – Renewal
Small group Non-funded junior/youth clubs, once-a-week activity clubs, annual playschemes, Sunday schools/churches, parent and toddler, childminder and home educator groups, PTA’s, uniformed groups, drama/theatre clubs, small preschools (<100) 3 nominated users
1 membership card
1 visit per week
No charge for Scrap
£50.00 1st year
£41.00 Renewal
Play groups, play/book buses, large pre-schools, nurseries, creches,
after-school clubs, toy libraries, theatres; hospital, council, college, and university departments, special schools, schools up to 200 pupils, funded youth clubs, day centres, City Arts Depts, adventure playgrounds, art workshops, childminder associations
3 Nominated users
3 Membership cards
Unlimited visits
No charge for scrap
£100.00 1st year
£82.00 Renewal


Extended Schools with over 200 pupils and organisations supporting several groups
can apply for extended membership.
Up to 12 membership cards issued to teachers or group leaders
Unlimited visits
No charge for scrap
£178.00 1st year
£144.00 Renewal
Event Anybody can apply for temporary membership to support a specific event, for a 3 month period. 1 membership card issued, 2 named users
No charge for scrap
£23 per event

Meet Our Members

The Scrapstore has been running since the 1980s, relying on members to creatively use and distribute our materials. Here’s what a few of our members have had to say about us…


“It’s all about rummaging”


“I’m planning my wedding and have found that with the benefits of Scrapstore I’ve been able to budget and create a personal touch to my special day by using items I’ve found to make my own stationery, favour nets and decorations. I think there’s something for everyone at Scrapstore.”

GEMMA – individual memberMembers-Gemma

“I’ve used it for so much; card making, event decor, invitations, banners, children’s activities and renting sewing machines. I’ve even used Scrapstore in my home for frames, cushion covers, storage containers and wood. As soon as you walk in, your imagination takes over.”


“Our group wouldn’t be able to survive without the Scrapstore. We couldn’t run workshops at no cost to participants, if we had to pay for materials. The volunteers who work in the store are all friendly and ready to help, even if i’m causing chaos!
As a parent, I also love being able to stock the kids’ craft box with interesting things and lots of drawing paper without spending a fortune.”


“Some of our events wouldn’t have taken place without the Scrapstore. Our Big Draw Event used an enormous amount of card, paper, paint, fabric, cardboard boxes and tubes. Our art clubs and holiday activities are also always well stocked with Scrapstore materials, keeping costs down so that we are open to more families in our community.”


“The Scrapstore is invaluable to us; it enables us to provide a wide range of resources enjoyed by our parents & children. They are able to express themselves in such a wide variety of ways using the different recycled modelling items which helps many artistic and development needs. The volunteers are always friendly & helpful with plenty of different ideas if you need them.”