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If you prefer, you can apply for membership online. To apply for membership offline, please download the appropriate membership form from the list below. When you have completed the form, you can either:

Membership forms

The following links link to our membership forms as Microsoft Word (.docx) files.

See our membership page to find out more about the different types of membership. If the form for the type of membership you require is not listed above, please drop us an email and we’ll send one to you.

The quickest way to pay us and receive a membership card is to visit the store and pay at the till ( Please check our opening times).

Please note that it may take some time to process new memberships at the moment If you re paying online as the office/ administration is only being manned on a Thursday whilst we are in the process of appointing a new coordinator.

If you are purchasing your membership using Paypal please bring a copy of your form and proof of payment with you when you visit, once we have processed your paperwork we will contact you to say your cards are ready to collect.

If you need to raise an invoice this may take some time for the above reasons please email us for any inquiries

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