Join us for our AGM at the Steam Town Brewery, Eastleigh, 7 pm on the 11th November

We need your help.

We have now held two AGM meetings .  We need at least 15 voting members to attend the meeting but  unfortunately  this hasnt happened so we need to now call a 3rd EGM meeting which will take place on Monday 11th November at 7pm at the Steam Town Brewery,

1 Bishopstoke Road, Bishopstoke Eastleigh  SO50 6AD

.“The quorum for General Meetings shall be one third of the total membership of the Southampton Scrap Store or fifteen representatives whichever is the less.”

As a charity we need to keep our members informed about what we are doing and to be able to demonstrate this to charity commision.This is your opportunity to get involved and find out and help with our future plans.

We are in particular need of new trustees, we are working at the lowest number that we require to be able to function which is really not a good place to be ,  to enable us to grow we desperatly need more people to get involved so that we can develop  and become stronger

It is a legal requirement of being a charity that we hold a annual general meeting for our members and that the trustees of the charity provide reports of the previous years activities . The offices of the management committee have to also seek aproval to carry on in office and this is the time when people are invited to apply to become a  trustee.

Please can you contact us to show your support? And to let us know that you will be attending

If you are interested in finding out more about what it means to be a trustee  or if you know someone who might be interested please get in touch for an informal chat. You dont have to me a member to be trustee. 

Please let us know if you are able to attend the agm asap , 02380 402812

Venue details – parking

There are a few spaces to park at the back of the brewery as well as accross the road . It is  also a short walk from the Eastleigh Train Station so its easy to catch the train


Free Small Group Craft Workshops

We are excited to share that we have received a grant from Greggs which has enabled us to fund local artists to provide a wide variety of workshops for small groups in and around Southampton.

Our tutors all have oodles of experience and ideas!

Examples of some of the activities that we can offer include sewing, jewellery making, masks and costumes, paper lanterns, paper mache, sculpture, birdfeeders for the garden, mosaics, storybooks, puppets, theatre props and more!

We can’t promise that we can visit everyone as we only have a finite amount of funding, so to be in with a chance simply fill in the form below.

Application form

Please tell us about the space that you have.
eg. how big is it; what furniture do you have and can this be moved? Does the space have sinks, electricity? Are there stairs or is there a lift? (would you be able to help bring in materials?) Do you have parking?

What type of group do you have and who would the workshop be for?
eg. home education group; families; children aged 5 – 15; Scout group; young people aged 12-14;
allotment group; mixed age group, etc?

What size is your group?
How many attendees would you like us to work with?

What days/times would you like us to visit you?

What craft activities would you be interested in doing?
sewingjewellery makingmasks and costumespaper lanternspaper machesculpturebirdfeeders for the gardenmosaicsstorybookspuppetstheatre props

Is there any additional information which would help us to provide the workshop you want?

Name of group:
Contact name and position:
e-mail address:
Phone number:
Venue address: