What’s in the Scrapstore?

We stock all kinds of reclaimed materials, textiles and art supplies. Become a member and visit us in the store for your next scrap project.

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Paper & card stock

Our fantastic range of paper and card includes plain stock suitable for printing, stunning coloured sheets, art board and more.


Fabrics, leather, Tulle and more

Leftover fabric comes in many forms. Explore our range of mixed textiles, leather, and tulle all in various sizes available and ready to use.

Wood, Plastic & Lino offcuts

Provided in all sorts of widths and lengths, there’s a huge variety of reclaimed wood, plastic and lino in the store.


Buttons, Yarn and haberdashery supplies

Stocking a huge range of items and accessories, we are your one-stop shop for quality sewing and Haberdashery supplies for Dressmaking, soft toys, curtains, and Furnishings.

Annual Membership gives you access to 1000’s of scrap materials

Once you are a member you can visit the Scrapstore and rummage through our supplies. Each time you visit we’ll provide you with bag or bring your own for you to fill up as much as you need.

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sticky back plastic

Sticky back plastic, wall and wrapping paper

Inexpensive and versatile, sticky back plastic helps transform items and breathe new life into old furniture or anything that you want to revitalise.

Label rolls, films and ribbons

We carry a wide range of printed and unprinted plastic film labels on rolls, multi-layered labels and decorative ribbons.


Tubes, boxes and containers

All kinds of cardboard, plastic and metal tubes, boxes and containers ready to be reused as useful storage or crafts projects.

Foam, Bubble Wrap & packaging material

We have all sorts of reusable, resilient, and light-weight Bubble wrap and foam sheets. They are amongst the most widely used packaging materials, but very versatile for any scraping needs.