Our Suppliers

It is our strong relationships with our suppliers which helps us keep going.

Become a supplier

We help businesses to reduce their carbon foot print, save money on waste collections and make links with the local community.

For over 37 years Southampton Scrapstore has been reclaiming clean reusable waste from businesses that would otherwise go to landfill or be incinerated.

We collect a diverse range of materials such as card, paper, fabric, plastics, off-cuts and punch-outs, craft paint, paper cups, string, ribbon, foam, posters and wallpaper.

Have a look at Our Scrap page for more examples of the donations we receive.

Contact us now if you can offer your support.

Our Suppliers

A huge THANKS to all our brilliant suppliers, local and national.

Without you we wouldn’t be able to provide the variety of resources that we do.

Become a supplier : Have you got any unusual, interesting surplus?

why not free up some space for yourself, save some disposal costs and let Southampton Scrapstore come and collect your suitable waste items FREE OF CHARGE from your premises. Your donations will reduce landfill and benefit numerous schools, community groups, playgroups and individuals to develop their arts and crafts skills.

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Things that we are looking for…

  • card and paper

  • Netting

  • containers with lids

  • tubing and piping

  • plastics

  • foam, rubber

  • rope, cord, and twine

  • foils and films

  • clips, fasteners, zips

  • buttons, sequins, beads

  • wallpaper

  • unused containers

  • straws

  • felt, wool

  • spray paint

  • unused decorations

  • picture frames

  • fixtures, fittings

  • glues, adhesives, pastes

  • Art supplies

  • stationery

  • unused packaging

  • sample books

  • ex-display materials

  • sticky labels

  • envelopes, folders

  • corks, corkboard

  • textiles, wadding

…and anything unusual!

We collect! If you are business that’s interested in donating materials to

Southampton Scrapstore please contact us.

Swap scrap with us

How do we make sure our members have a great choice in the Scrapstore? By taking part in swaps with other scrapstores across the nation.

We are friends with other Scrapstores in the UK often arrange swaps so that we can share resources around a bit more evenly, and give all our members a wider variety of materials to choose from. Swaps are also a great opportunity to share news and ideas with the people that run scrap stores in other areas of the country.If you are a Scrapstore and would be interested in a swap exchange please get in touch

Arrange a swap