Website Terms and conditions

Membership terms and conditions – Covid Compliant – January 2022

  1. Only fully paid up members, with a current membership with are allowed to use the Scrapstore, whether they are collecting materials or purchasing from the Arts and Crafts shop.
  2. Memberships are not transferable. Membership information or login details should not be lent to anyone other than nominated individuals or users within your group. Materials should not be collected on behalf of any other group or individual. If you share your membership information with someone else, your membership may be suspended. We will ask for ID to confirm your membership.
  3. Membership details will be asked for upon entry – NO ID or any details to confirm you have membership will be refused entry.
  4. Forms of ID accepted eg driving licence, matching name and email address. (old SS membership card valid for existing members up to final expiry date)
  5. Only one person per membership can enter the store on a single visit.
  6. Visits limited to 15 mins per person, unless approved by the Duty Manager.
  7. Visits limited to one per week for all Group members until further notice.
  8. We will be operating on a shoe string of staff and volunteers, please be patient and be prepared to queue outside – remember to bring suitable attire.
  9. No parking on the forecourt of the scrapstore as this area will be used for queueing– there is a carpark at the end of the industrial estate numbers 15 are our parking spots and road parking behind the store.
  10. Please bring your own bags or ask at the till for a bag.
  11. We would prefer that any payments made are via card instead of cash.
  12. All members must use hand sanitiser before you enter the store (if you can bring your own – great, however, we will supply it at the door)
  13. All members must bring and use their own face mask, (If using gloves they must be new and put on after hand sanitation)
  14. Please be prepared to wait and queue outside the shop whilst observing social distancing, we can only allow 3 members in the store at any one time.
  15. Respect other members personal space and be patient when inside the store
  16. Please be polite to our staff and volunteers, these procedures are new for us all
  17. We will be operating a one way system – please observe our signs
  18. We understand that the scrapstore does often require a lot of touching to feel and assess items; we ask that you try not to touch anything that you are not going to take.
  19. Membership renewals – where possible, please renew online through our website – this is to reduce your time in the store, and please wait until you have received email confirmation of your renewal before visiting the store.
  20. Members of the Scrapstore must accept full responsibility for care and attention when handling, distributing and supervising the use of materials. Please follow health and safety when using the store, please do not climb to reach an item, over fill bags or run when in the store.
  21. Scrap materials are intended solely for use by members and their named groups. They must not be re-sold in the same condition, exchanged or used for any other purpose than that of the member group. You are welcome to create things from our materials and sell them on as something new.
  22. Membership is not available to any group or individual discriminating against any other individual or group on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or disability.
  23. Members must be aged 18 or over.
  24. If it has reasonable grounds to believe that the Conditions of Membership have been contravened, by any individual member, group representative or group as a whole, the Scrapstore reserves the right to refuse admission to individual members or representatives, and to refuse admission or suspend membership to that individual or group.
  25. Any individual or group wishing to challenge a decision affecting admission to the Scrapstore or membership, may apply in writing giving all relevant details and addressed ‘For the attention of the Southampton Scrapstore management committee’.
  26. Members agree to indemnify the Scrapstore against all claims, demands, expenses, proceedings, costs and charges whatsoever in respect of any loss damage or injury which may occur to any person or property by or arising in connection with any materials supplied by the Scrapstore.

Members are kindly asked to Remember:-

To do their best to keep the materials tidy, as leaving materials on the floor can create a hazard and generates more work for the volunteers who run the Scrapstore.

Not to take more materials than required, and to return unwanted material, this maximises benefits to other members

That the availability of materials varies considerably in accordance with supply and demand, so visits to the Scrapstore should be made with an open mind. We cannot guarantee the availability of any materials, as all are donated to us as a charity.

The Scrapstore is a charity funded by membership fees, donations and fundraising, we cannot afford to give away materials for free.